PLN Day 42: An impressive week in Blogtown?

23 02 2010

For various reasons, my LLED 420 class came through with some amazing Blog posts this week.  Check out Lisa Angelucci’s post “what to do about the rubric?” in which she analyzes her assessment options.  Jessie Bindrim busted out “Stumble, RSS Feeds and classroom use”, in which she analyzes the EtherPad, some Nings, and stumble — she stumbled upon one of the great raging debates in education — if you started out as Snow White and read all 600 comments, you would come out a cynical, hard-drinking, battle scarred veteran of the Education Wars.  Kim Cuppett came out with her post on “Writing Across the Curriculum,” in which she analyzed Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), Writing in the Disciplines (WTD) and Writing to Learn (WTL).  More encouraging still  is that Kim’s post that came out of Diane Mowery’s “My Experiences with English Companion Ning.”  Laura Young blogged about digital storytelling in her post “Listen deeply; tell digital stories.”  Caitlin Mulroy went philosophical with her post “The Omnicompetent Individual- Widespread Knowledge Within Education.” Nicole Dado posted often and well; her post entitled “More PLN” was really interesting.  Plenty of other Blogs have been stepping it up, recently, and there were quite a few worthy of mention, but keep it up, and you’ll get your recognition.  My students are working hard, but they are learning and actively in conversation with one another and their field, and more than ever before I sense that this preparation and this citizenship in the profession matter greatly.

So here I am, at day 42 of the PLN, and I am amazed at the growth I see all around me, and the growth I see in myself.  I’m proud of my students’ progress, and I feel that my teaching is re-energized.  There seems to be no limit, no final culmination.  I am really excited to see where this goes by the end of the semester, and beyond — when my students go into pre-service teaching, student teaching, and into a classroom all their own.

My own Blog is sagging though.   Check out these impressive Stats.  It’s steep and down, and probably ski-able.

Check out the number of visits when things began, and a peak of 124 views in one day, and now way way down.  I have to learn something from this.  Perhaps I need to post more, and more regularly.  I am in regular conversation with two dozen Blogs and PICCLE, but I haven’t been in conversation with many Nings lately, and I haven’t been Twittering much either.  I think that I will actively post links and see if that doesn’t generate visits.  It attests somewhat to the strength (or weakness) of my PLN, about how you have to keep feeding it.  It’s been eight days, and clearly the Blogosphere is saying, yeah, but what have you done for me lately?




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