PLN Day 34.2: How I synched my email and updated my address books

15 02 2010

For all of you who are hip to synching email, this will be a big duh.  But it is a breakthrough to me because I worked on two computers every day and repeated email tasks on each computer for years.  So I got an IMAP account at Penn State, and I forwarded all of my email from Yahoo to Google.  Gmail offers IMAP free, and so they win, and Yahoo loses my business after TEN LOYAL YEARS.  Then I have Webmail and Gmail in the IMAP server, which I access through Thunderbird, and I’m linked up at last!  I spent some time this week getting my address books together.  I went around to six places gathering the addresses, downloaded a duplicate finder for Thunderbird, and then when all the addresses were in one place I deleted all the smaller address books, and then I loaded the master calendar on each of my computers.

But why? Why stop everything and maintain a list and download extensions by the fistful?  Was this necessary?

Email and address books are certainly connected to the idea of the PLN because it helps me organize my networks of people.  My Thunderbird and Firefox accounts have a dozen extensions apiece now, but the customization period has drawn to a close.  Though it seemed like a digression, this is part of the process of putting together timesaving systems which will enable me to be more productive from here on out.  I’m becoming unusually productive and efficient as a result of the PLN, and many of these processes may be useful as long as I live.




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